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Harley-Davidson V-ROD Supercharger por Fredy Jäätes

Uma Harley-Davidson V-ROD Supercharger destacou-se na web. O estoniano Fredy Jäätes customizou a Harley no visual e turbinou o motor para ampliar o seu poder.


Fonte: www.fredy.ee e Canal Fredy.ee Youtube

Harley Davidson V-ROD Supercharger por Fredy Jäätes

Uma moto com motor V2 e 1247 cc, e que entrega 125 cavalos de potência. Musculosa e agressiva no potencial e visual, a V-ROD revela ser um diferencial no menu da Harley-Davidson, pois a moto ostentosa chega mesmo à proximidade das superesportivas.  Na Estônia, Fredy Jäätes, especialista em customizações sofisticadas, realizou um esmerado trabalho: adaptou a moto com um sistema supercharger e configurou-a em um visual esplêndido, como podemos ver nas imagens abaixo. Clique para ampliar as fotos da galeria abaixo.

O vídeo abaixo mostra a Harley-Davidson V-ROD Supercharger em ação. Embora não esteja bem claro tudo o que Jäätes fez na moto, podemos perceber o quão mais agressiva a moto ficou. Confira.

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    Be aware that custom Harley Davidson motorcycle builder Fredy Jäätes can not be trusted. He is collecting money and not delivering anything. It is documented at least in 5 different cases and sums ranging from 5000€ to 36000€. And those are just cases where people actually stepped up. Amount of non-documented cases where Fredy Jäätes deceived clients are not exactly counted but preliminary research does suggest that this number may range between 10 and 20. So be aware when ordering something from fredy.ee. It may happen that your money is lost and you never see the product or motorcycle ordered. But look at the bright side of things: this allows Freddy to keep up his really nice lifestyle and fill up his Lamborgini’s gas tank.

    Read more from Estonian Motrorcycle community forum https://biker.ee/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=100778

    • Hello.

      Best Riders is a blog about motorcycles and adventure and we like to spread about customization work. We are very sorry for these problems. Was there another source, news, about what happened? That would justify me withdrawing the publication. We analyze the topics of the forum.

      Thank you for letting us know.


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